Looking Back

Children in the woods hiking Hi everyone, my name is Cece and I am a freshman in high school. I am here to talk to you today about my experience at Bethel Horizons this summer.

I am currently working on being Confirmed in October, so I needed to go to camp to fulfill the requirements. I came to camp not really knowing anyone and came out of it with a handful of great friends and lots of eye opening memories.

So let’s start with the hour bus ride from church to camp – I had been to VBC the week before and was thankful to know the guys on the bus, Lucas and Zach. They were truthfully the nicest and most fun people to hang around. They definitely made camp that much better with their positive attitude and willingness to talk about anything. After arriving at camp, I learned three things: God is present when you least expect it, friends are people you don’t need to see everyday but once in awhile just so you can get a good dose of love and support, and finally that tin foil dinners are one of the greatest inventions of humankind.

I really saw God when I was sitting, talking to Chandler, Kiki and Trinity – all girls I met at camp. Brandon was another boy I met at camp, along with Zach and Lucas. We were just sitting in a room talking about what makes us whole and what drives us. There were tears and laughter, but all in all I heard that I was meant to be here with these exact people. It was truly a blessing to be with all of them and talking about stuff we had never told anyone before. All of them were my support group at camp and made me want to pursue being involved in the high school youth group here at Bethel. Knowing that I won’t see all of these amazing people I met at Horizons makes me cherish the moments I have with them, at high school youth group or next summer, these are all great things I continually look forward to.

Camp honestly made me a better person and made me appreciate all the great things God puts right in front of us. Hiking out to the cliffs and sitting there for half an hour just staring at the wonderful world God made- that was truly amazing. Or belaying off main cliff, that was definitely something to check off the bucket list. There are so many amazing opportunities at Bethel Horizons and I am so glad I was able to go this summer for the first time.