UPDATED May 10, 2022

We are excited to welcome guests to Bethel Horizons. Each person who comes to camp will still be asked general screening questions in order to lower the risk of bringing COVID-19 to camp. There will also be general policies that will help to minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19 at camp. 

As we have learned more and following updated CDC community level guidance, we have simplified our protocols to the following image:

Bethel Horizons Spring 2022 COVID protocols.xlsx - Sheet1 (1).jpg

For a printable version of these policies go to:  Icon Bethel Horizons COVID Related Protocols 2022 (124.4 KB)

For Summer Camp, here is the screening form that all campers will need to fill out:  Icon Summer Camp 2022 COVID Screening Form (197.8 KB)

For Other Guests, here is the screening that all guests are asked to complete prior to or as arriving to the property:  Icon Bethel Horizons General COVID Screening Form (211.2 KB)